What's New

Remote Deposit Capture

Take a picture of a check and deposit into your account right from your smart phone!

Card Valet

Easily track purchases with Card Valet.  Misplace your card?  Go on the APP and shut the card off with a swipe of your finger.  Find the card later, swipe the card back on!   Download the Card Valet APP today!   It is free and great tool to manage your card.


The Credit Union is now offering Certificates of Deposit!  Call or email us today!  New money only!


Want to change your payroll deduction and can't make it to the office?  We can send you the form and just email it back!  

We can also E-signature other credit union documents.  



Want to join our credit union family?

Winthrop Town Employees are now eligible to join the credit union.

Anyone who has a child in the Revere or Winthrop Public Schools are now able to join our credit union family and take advantage of our low loan rates and low fees.